Sunday, June 14, 2009

tomatoes are a setting

I have 6 varieties of tomatoes growing this year. Which, as I don't actually like the taste of tomatoes, could be seen as rather an odd thing to grow. However, my gorgeous boyfriend likes them and I can eat them if they're cooked down to a rich sauce or made up into green tomato chutney, and I do seem to find they grow very well for me.

I'm growing Moneymaker again this year and then for the first time Roma, Yellow Pear, Gartenperle (in a hanging basket with nasturtiums), Gardener's Delight (from a swap with a friend) and a couple of Tomato 'Tomazing' obtained as plug plants from a newspaper offer.

I guess I'll be giving quite a lot of these away or serving them up when friends come for dinner. From January sowings, I already have small tomatoes on the Roma, Yellow Pear, Gartenperle and Moneymaker plants, so hopefully the first harvest is not too far away. The photo here is from the Gartenperle plant.

And in the meantime, I still have radishes, broad beans and spring cabbages to keep me going.