This is me

My name is Jules. Having reached my mid thirties on a diet of gin and tonic, girls' nights out and ski holidays, I became the co-owner of a beautiful edwardian house with a fabulous long garden - and a new (previously very well hidden) interest in gardening was born. My gorgeous husband smiles indulgently whenever he finds me browsing seed catalogues or internet gardening forums and say he loves me just as much as he did before we had a garden...

I'm enthusiastic about growing my own veg, fruit and herbs as well as making my kitchen garden look pretty. I garden as organically as I can – no chemical pesticides, no peat and lots of homemade compost. I love using vintage tools, pots and containers as well as repurposing household items not originally intended for use in the garden. Yes, I do have flowers planted up in old welly boots, pansies in wine boxes and blueberry bushes in dolly tubs! If you're also a fan of vintage gardenwares, then check out my Etsy shop: Ember Gate where you'll be sure to find your dream garden tool!

I started studying horticulture on a part time basis in early 2010 – I have since gained an RHS Level 2 Certificate in Horticulture, Level 3 Certificates in Plant Growth, Health and Applied Propagation and in Practical Horticulture and completed the set with a Level 3 Certificate in Garden Planning, Construction and Planting in June 2013.

I have taught practical horticulture in secondary schools, guiding teenage boys through their Level 1 City and Guilds Certificate in Practical Horticulture.

I do enjoy being nosy around other people's gardens, which led me to get involved with the National Gardens Scheme (NGS) and I regularly write about Hertfordshire open gardens for the NGS website and other local publications.

I also have ex-battery chickens who occasionally get a mention on the blog and more frequently lay wonderful eggs that go into our home cooking efforts such as pasta, mayonnaise, lemon curd, cakes, pancakes and weekend breakfasts. They spend most of their time eating, sleeping and generally digging up the area that used to be the lawn.

Poultry hall of fame
Fergie - arrived 12/8/15
Audrey - arrived 12/8/15
Amelia - arrived 12/8/15
Lottie - arrived 1/2/14
Georgie - arrived 29/12/11, departed 16/8/15
Lily - arrived 1/2/14, departed 19/7/15
Pickle - arrived 1/2/14, departed 21/5/15
Yolkey Dokey - arrived 29/12/11, departed 14/1/15
Snowflake - arrived 29/12/11, departed 30/9/13
Chicken Licken - arrived 25/5/10, departed 03/06/12
Ruby - arrived 6/8/11, departed 29/03/12
Scholes - arrived 6/8/11, departed 10/12/11
Myrtle - arrived 25/5/10, departed 30/7/11
Cantona - arrived 25/5/10, departed 19/6/11