Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lazy blogger...

apologises for the lack of posts. I'm still here - and the suburban veg plot is flourishing - though the same cannot be said for the herbaceous borders after their encounter with the chickens...

The warm sunny weather in Hertfordshire is really doing the garden good. I'm eating fresh salad leaves nearly every day - 'just like you get in M&S!' (I'm sure there's a compliment in there). This is the first year I've grown salad in the suburban veg plot and I have to say I'm delighted with the harvest. Previously I'd tried growing salad in pots in the kitchen but barely managed to get micro leaves before the whole lot turned up its toes and gave up. Now I've got very healthy rows of rocket, mizuna and baby mixed salad leaves.

The celeriac seedlings were planted out in early June and are really growing well. They were tiny little things back in February but I'm hopeful of a good harvest in the winter. Bring on the celeriac mash!!

My little bit of companion planting seems to be having a positive effect. I planted out nasturtium seedlings in my broad bean beds - probably slightly later that I should have done though. The broad beans grew at a much faster rate and it's only now that the nasturtiums have started to flower. But they look very pretty nestled in between the tall Aquadulce Claudia plants and the beetroot and they do seem to be the only plants in the vicinity with black fly on them. Sacrificial plants is the correct term I believe. And just in front of the raised bed you can see my mini leeks awaiting a vacant bed.

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