Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Right said Ted - time for home

I came down for breakfast to be greeted by this sight:

Ted was stuck halfway into a box and was looking more than a little uncomfortable. I carefully helped him back out and sat him down.
When I asked Ted what he was up to, he replied that he and Bobble had had a lovely stay at the Suburban Veg Plot but thought that Jane might be missing them now and that they'd better go back home to Wales. Sad though it was, I agreed with him and so after a cup of tea and some honey on toast, Ted and Bobble climbed into the packing box and we headed off to the post office.

Ted asked me to thank everyone who's followed their adventures on here and posted comments on their activities. He hopes you'll all check in on Jane's blog to see where he goes next - or even invite them over to stay with you!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Ted on tour

As Ted's and Bobble's time at the Suburban Veg Plot approached its end, Ted asked if we could have a night out to round off the week. I eventually relented, but said it had to be something quiet and local - maybe a quick drink and spot of dinner. Bears need their boundaries and a firm hand is always best.
Which is how we ended up at a gig at the O2 Academy in Islington.

Ted, being a bit of a music hound, scrambled straight up on stage during the Zoey van Goey sound check despite a distinct lack of access all areas laminates around his neck.

As the gig began, no-one at first seemed to spot Ted hidden at the back of the stage, watching the band closely like some kind of ursine R&R scout. But his moment of glory was yet to come.

And later, when sneaking into the 'after party', he revealed himself to be a complete groupie by flirting shamelessly with Kim from Zoey van Goey.

Definitely time to go home now Ted - and no, she's not coming with you.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Rain stopped play

Oh dear Ted, the weather has taken a turn for the worse and is displaying the mild and precipitous maritime climate conditions more typical of our middle latitude location, particularly for this specific cycle of our seasonal calendar.

Yes, I know you want to go and play with the chickens again (despite Ruby getting a bit too close for comfort yesterday) but a soggy bear is not a happy bear. I fear that Eau De Wet Ted is not a scent that would travel well, especially encased in bubble wrap.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Ted meets the chickens

In a rare moment of sunshine, Ted headed out enthusiastically to meet the chickens. He claims to have a strong spiritual connection with the animal kingdom. Ruby came over first for a tentative investigation – she's never met a bear before.

What's that Ted? You want to go back inside right now? 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ted's green fingers

After the excitement of a day in the city, Ted and Bobble decided to spend today at the veg plot. Like any good gardener, Ted spent a bit of time in quiet contemplation of the land before he started work.

Ted felt confident that his newly acquired knowledge (last Friday's episode of Gardeners' World) would come in very handy. Having seen Monty turning over the soil in preparation for the winter, he was eager to give it a go himself. Bobble looked on in a self-appointed supervisory capacity: Come on Ted, put your back into it!

After spending 5 hours digging over the entire plot with the world's smallest trowel, they headed into the greenhouse to have a nosy around. Yes Bobble, the chilli plant is very tall but I really don't think there's a giant living at the top of it.

Ted, meanwhile, was entranced by the sweet pea seedlings. He said he could see them growing but I think it was more likely the hallucinatory effects of low blood sugar and exhaustion. Come on you two, time for a cup of tea and some honey on toast.