Monday, January 2, 2012

There's a new sheriff in town...

Meet Georgie. Her shortcomings in the neck feather department are more than made up for by her size and attitude.


  1. She look so cute! I seldom see free walking chicken! All that i see are in the market....

  2. Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog, how I've missed yours so far is beyond me! I also keep ex battery hens and run a huge forum all about them. I hope your new chickens settle down soon x

  3. Anna - she's certainly in charge now, Chicken Licken is no longer top hen...
    Malar - they're very amusing to watch but the garden destruction is less cute! Thankfully they're penned in to an area I don't mind them destroying.
    Garden Smallholder - they've settled down now and are acting more like one cohesive flock. Will head over to your forum for a browse soon.

  4. She looks like a harda$$.
    I've had chickens, and want them again... Are battery chickens as difficult as other "used" animals?
    My chickens have always been raised from biddies, and as such were "tame"... They always came running whenever I came out, as they associated me with good things... Unfortunately, it made them easy prey for the neighbor dog... That "sheriff" looks like she could hold her own.

  5. Gardens-in-the-Sand - I've only had ex-batts and allowing for different personalities, they all seem pretty easy to keep. All of them were quite wary of me when we first got them (unused to direct contact I guess) but within a few weeks they'll eat corn out of my hand and (most) will be happy being picked up and held. Georgie is already very friendly, follows me round the garden and will sit still to be stroked. She's also incredibly loud in announcing she's laid an egg!