Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pear blossom??

So, it's not only me who's confused by the varied weather recently. We've had turbulent wind, chilly nights, torrential downpours, cool grey mornings, overcast afternoons and then suddenly, a return to the heatwave with blazing hot sun for the last 2 days.
This seem to have confused one of my pear trees - which has produced these lovely little blossoms at the end of one branch. The bees are loving them at least, but I suspect any resulting fruits will be doomed long before they're ripe.


  1. How bizarre - as is the weather!
    Lucky you to have been placed outside Pembroke for studies - its a very pretty area, no wonder you now yearn to return!
    I shall try and take lots of pics! I particularly love Laugharne and Dylan Thomas's boathouse.
    I have serious sweet pea envy looking at your header!

  2. Hi Gill, I would love to cut the flowers in my header photos for indoor display, but they're not actually sweet peas - they're the flowers of a purple podded pea (Lancashire Lad) that I grow as mange tout. It's a heritage variety so I grow it every year and save seeds for the next. The flower colours are gorgeous and the purple mange tout in stir fries and salads is very attractive also.