Saturday, July 16, 2011

Summer summary

I've been managing to keep up the watering regime during this week or two of hot weather and it seems to be paying off. We've had the occasional downpour to top up the waterbutts and give the raised beds a good soaking but the greenhouse crops pretty much need watering every second day.

The chilli harvest has started - hot cayenne and razzamatazz - and I'm slowly building up a freezer bag of them which will hopefully then last us through until next summer. We officially used the last frozen 2010 chilli about 2 weeks ago, so are very pleased to be self sufficient on that front. I've got about 7 different chillies growing - and I fear this is turning into something of a fetish...

The courgettes are starting to produce fruits faster and faster now. The Gold Rush variety, a beautiful solid rich yellow courgette, is very attractive on the plate and has a lovely taste.

One veg (well, fruit if we're being pedantic) that hasn't grown as well as in previous years is the Roma tomato. I'm not sure why, as the early days looked very promising. I have two plants in the greenhouse but they don't seem to have reached the size they have done before. There seems to be plenty of small fruits forming and I'm feeding them well. It's just they look quite dwarf compared to the Moneymaker plants next to them.

The salads have been a roaring success - both the loose leaf types and the butterheads. The latter were a trial seed I received free from DT Brown. They grew really well and almost took over one of the raised beds. I had to harvest some of them just to give the shallots their space back. In the end, the slugs and snails took over so the last few lettuces went on the compost heap, but one of two of the bases are re-growing so I may have another mini harvest from those before I need the space for something else.


  1. Hi! Thanks for commenting on my blog. It's lovely to see what you've been growing, too. I'm a bit obsessed by courgette varieties at the moment (I'm growing Striata d'Italia) as I want good flowers for eating. Your courgette flowers look very healthy, I hope they don't go to waste! Plus, I love the look of those pear shaped toms; are they the Roma? Hmm, might have to check those out for my 2012 veg patch!

  2. So mcuh of fresh and healthy looking vegetables! Hope you will have handful of harvest this summer!

  3. Caro - I'm growing Striata also and some of them are getting huge! I'd love to east the courgette flowers nut they seem to either drop off before I get to them or end up full of insects. The Roma toms are used to make passata for the freezer.

    Malar - the harvest is well underway now - if only the rain would keep off now, if would be perfect.