Monday, September 19, 2011

Tomato tasting

There are 3 types of tomato growing in my greenhouse. Which, some might say, is 3 types too many for someone who doesn't actually like eating them. But I love growing them.
And I find I can make things with them that I do like to eat - it's just whole and/or raw tomatoes that I don't like to eat. Sun dry them and it's a whole different story, make them into ketchup and I'm there.
Anyway, I'm growing Moneymaker, Roma and Gardener's Delight, which I realise are not varieties that set the gardening world on fire, but most of the seeds were freebies with gardening magazines so I stuck with them.
This year the Roma and Moneymaker plants have not grown particularly big, but their output in the last few weeks is more than making up for that. They're all still getting a weekly dose of liquid organic feed to keep them happy.

The single Gardener's Delight plant has been fruiting prolifically, giving hubbie a regular supply of fresh tomatoes for his lunchtime sandwiches.

The Roma plum tomatoes have been harvested once ripened, skinned, stored in the freezer and then every week or so I've been making a batch of passata, which then goes back into the deep freeze for another day. I make a great tomato and mascarpone pasta sauce when the mood takes me.
And the Moneymakers have been harvested green and made into chutney - the kitchen looks like a catering establishment!


  1. Wow! Look at the tomatoes! So healthy and juicy!
    I love growing tomatoes too!

  2. Goodness you have been busy with your harvest - its so satisying isnt it?
    I think its great you are doing something different with each variety you grew.
    Thanks for your comment - what with the jam making and chutney making as well as passata, you will have a lovely store of goodies for the coming months.
    Gill xx

  3. My Gardener's Delight grew very leggy this year. Early on in the season they were producing very small tomatoes, but they've started producing fruit of a decent size now so I'll let them off. They're still one of my favourites, they have a lovely taste and they're just the right size for popping in your mouth whole, though I know you wouldn't do that.

  4. that looks like a fine crop. Growing tomatoes is never a disappointment - in fact ripe red ones are the icing on the cake for me as I grow them specifically so I can make green tomato chutney!

  5. Malar - I know some people say they have trouble growing tomatoes, but they seem to do really well for me - even in a bad year I have a decent crop.

    Gilly - I've been getting into chutney and jam making in a big way this year. Next stop the WI?

    Jo - my OH just loves the Gardener's Delight toms. I've promised to keep them on my seed list unless he tells me otherwise!

    Nic - I'd never tasted green tomato chutney until I made it for the first time 2 years ago. I couldn't believe what I'd been missing out on.