Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Right said Ted - time for home

I came down for breakfast to be greeted by this sight:

Ted was stuck halfway into a box and was looking more than a little uncomfortable. I carefully helped him back out and sat him down.
When I asked Ted what he was up to, he replied that he and Bobble had had a lovely stay at the Suburban Veg Plot but thought that Jane might be missing them now and that they'd better go back home to Wales. Sad though it was, I agreed with him and so after a cup of tea and some honey on toast, Ted and Bobble climbed into the packing box and we headed off to the post office.

Ted asked me to thank everyone who's followed their adventures on here and posted comments on their activities. He hopes you'll all check in on Jane's blog to see where he goes next - or even invite them over to stay with you!


  1. Ahhh, hope they have a safe journey home.

  2. Hello, they've arrived safely, but much in need of a cup of tea and some honey on toast!

  3. Sorry to see Ted putting his best paw forward into that box - looks as if it could be rather traumatic :( I do hope that it is not a bumpy ride home for him and Bobble. Have enjoyed reading about their adventures.

  4. Bye bye Ted - for now. Will follow your further adventures and fun with interest! Thanks SVG for letting us share Ted and Bobble's visit to you, great fun!