Monday, February 27, 2012


This weekend I took delivery of two new cloches for the suburban veg plot. They're not brand new and seem to be more 'vintage style' than actual 'vintage' (the strip along the top is plastic). But they're very lovely and came from a nice man in Derbyshire via Ebay. Also via my mother (who lives 20 minutes from the nice man) and then via my sister, who brought them with her on a flying visit to us. And I still owe my mother £20 for them.
So, all in all a pretty good deal - free cloches with free delivery.... (though I promise I'll settle up next time I see my mother). They're now in place warming the soil where the parsnips will go.

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  1. Everything seems to be very well over there! SO kind of your mother and sister to help you with gardening!