Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Protestant potatoes...

So the new seed potatoes arrived the week before last - after a small delay due to the weather...

This year I've ordered a first early variety called Ulster Classic - in honour of the hubby's Belfast roots. We grew some towards the end of the season last year - planted them in early August with the intention of getting Christmas potatoes but got late blight in October so had to harvest them. The yield was surprisingly high, though there were lots of mini ones. But they tasted lovely and so I decided to order the same ones for this year. 
They've been chitting in the cool spare bedroom for about a week now and have started putting out little green and purple shoots. 

The bed they're going in still has baby leeks and savoy cabbages in it, but I'll be harvesting the last of those shortly. 
First earlies should be planted between Feb and April, for harvest May to July. I'll start warming up the soil in the raised bed with a cloche and plant them within the next 4 weeks.


  1. I've been chitting potatoes as well. I went for Maris Piper and a new one which was a random purchase (I've forgotten what its called).

  2. I am hoping to pick up some potatoes today - Winstons and Maris Bards, if I can find them! How do you find ordering them online? I always worry about not being able to physically pick them from a bag!


    1. I've actually never bought them any other way. You do seem to get a better purchase from a specialist potato seed supplier than a more general gardening company though.

  3. I always dream of having my own potatoes....but my climate is not suitable for them...