Friday, February 10, 2012

Let love blossom...

Next week sees the staging of the 2-day RHS London Plant and Design Show and as one of the days coincides with Valentine's Day, the RHS are putting on an evening speed dating event among the exhibits at Lawrence Hall. Thirty participants will be meeting and mingling around the displays to see if Cupid's arrow is set to strike. There's still time to sign up (details here) and entry is covered by the main event ticket (so free, if you're an RHS member). Will you meet a hunk by the heucharas? a vamp by the verbenas? a geek near a galanthus? or a wallflower hiding among


  1. If I were not otherwise spoken for I would be on the look out for a geek near a galanthus :) Hope that the outcome of such frivolity is some perfect plant partnerships.

    1. I suppose the likelihood of the RHS publishing any romance matches on their website so that those of us already spoken for can live vicariously through the love lives of others would be just a step too far??

  2. WOw! thsi is really awesome! So creative!